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Lighting Essentials Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending Don Giannatti‘s excellent Lighting Essentials Workshop in Apex, NC this weekend. I had a great time meeting some great photographers in my area, getting some great photos, and oh yeah I learned a lot too!


Family Portraits

The Ferguson family is a ton of fun. We had a great time getting some family portraits!

Family 11Tobey 26Ashley 21Tobey, Bama, and Ashley 04Tobey 27Tobey, Bama, and Ashley 06Ashley and Tobey 15Clay and Ashley 10

Random Photoshoot

Good thing I had some of my lighting gear in the trunk of the car. We went out to celebrate Kat’s new job and with everyone already dressed up some pictures were in order.  More pics are available on flickr.

DangerousKatKat on the stairsGang sign fail...BeckySilhouette


Julie is another model I met at the Studio 714 West Open Photo Shoot.

Julie 07 by rharrison, on FlickJulie 11 by rharrison, on Flickr

This was Julie’s first time modeling but she is a natural and seemed to be really enjoying herself. She has a wonderful attitude and fell straight into character very quickly. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.
Julie 08Julie 36Julie 43Julie 34


These cousins wanted something a little grittier at the Studio 714 West Open Photo Shoot.  They just ended up having a great time and we got some fun shots.

Judy and Barb

Judy and Barb are starting a nonprofit and needed some shots for promotional material.