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Revolution Raleigh

Revolution Raleigh is a circus themed Dance Party! Every Monday night at the Lincoln Theatre. Check out more pictures from this event here.

circusSPARK Planing

One of the final planning meetings for circusSPARK was Tuesday night. I went down to meet the incredible team putting this awesome event together and got a few candid shots while I was at it. What they have planned is truly impressive and shouldn’t be missed.

circusSPARK Team 05

Part of the circusSPARK Team

mark-13mark-09mark-17Mark, Caroleeena

Family Portraits

The Ferguson family is a ton of fun. We had a great time getting some family portraits!

Family 11Tobey 26Ashley 21Tobey, Bama, and Ashley 04Tobey 27Tobey, Bama, and Ashley 06Ashley and Tobey 15Clay and Ashley 10