Almond, Enoralina M

Birth Name Almond, Enoralina M [1a]
Birth Name Almond, Lina Trent
Gramps ID I1175
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3024] 1868 Virginia, USA Birth of Enoralina M Almond



Father Almond, Reuben Cullen [I0103]
Mother Tanner, Christianna [I0104]
  1. Almond, Reuben Manuel [I0101]
  2. Almond, Indiana D [I1171]
  3. Almond, Joseph C [I1172]
  4. Almond, George Hammie [I1170]
  5. Almond, Thomas Letcher [I1174]
  6. Almond, Mittie D [I1176]
  7. Almond, William Oker [I1166]
  8. Almond, Coney [I1167]
  9. Almond, Cora E [I1168]
  10. Almond, Mammond Howard [I1169]
  11. Almond, Rubin Cullin Jr [I1173]
  12. Almond, [Living] [I1386]


Married Husband Trent, William H [I1385]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3025]     Marriage of William H Trent


Source References

  1. Kimberly Culpepper Dezern’s Research [S0097]
    1. Date: 11 Jul 2009
      Confidence: Low
    2. Date: 23 Jul 2009
      Page: Ancestry Message from kimdez1
      Confidence: Low
      Source Reference Note:

      Hi, if I am correct I have e-mailed you some information through regular e-mail recently. I have been enjoying the recent influx of family trees online--especially those who post pictures of the folks I have been looking for for the past ten years.

      I just found another tree with names I already had except this one had some extra information. Cora (Brooks) Almond, etc. The Brooks inserted in the middle isn't her middle name--it's the last name of the man she married! And those last names for the girls are a gift better than gold. I have been able to fill in gaps that I never thought I would be able to.

      I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't put them as just middle names. Indianna Almond married a John Rosser. Lina Almond married (second)a William H. Trent. And I am assuming Mittie Almond married a Smith--haven't checked her out yet. But all the others pan out.

      Happy Hunting!


  1. Almond, Reuben Cullen
    1. Tanner, Christianna
      1. Almond, Reuben Manuel
      2. Almond, Enoralina M
        1. Trent, William H
      3. Almond, Indiana D
      4. Almond, Joseph C
      5. Almond, George Hammie
      6. Almond, Thomas Letcher
      7. Almond, Mittie D
      8. Almond, William Oker
      9. Almond, Coney
      10. Almond, Cora E
      11. Almond, Mammond Howard
      12. Almond, Rubin Cullin Jr
      13. Almond, [Living]