Johnson, Minnie

Birth Name Johnson, Minnie [1a]
Gramps ID I1243
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death [E3239] 1946   Death of Minnie Johnson



Married Husband Davidson, [Living] [I1242]
  1. Davidson, [Living] [I1244]
  2. Davidson, [Living] [I1245]

Source References

  1. The History of Appomattox, Virginia [S0110]
    1. Date: 1948
      Page: 145
      Source text:

      DAVIDSON, JAMES M., died 1947, Married Lillie May Simms, 1877-1908
      Children: Clarence Aubrey, 1901, Married Minnie Johnson, died 1946
      Mary Caroline, 1903
      James Robert, 1905, Married Ida Jane Bomar
      Hattie Bell, 1907


    1. Johnson, Minnie
      1. Davidson, [Living]
        1. Davidson, [Living]
        2. Davidson, [Living]