Jannoe, Elizabeth

Birth Name Jannoe, Elizabeth
Birth Name Lewis, Elizabeth [1a]
Gramps ID I1354
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Residence [E2816] 2 Feb 1768 Goochland County, Virginia, USA Living in Goochland County, VA



Unknown Partner Kennon, William [I1355]
  1. Kennon, Mary [I0360]

Source References

  1. Caswell County Family Tree [S0024]
    1. Date: 9 Nov 2008
      Page: I04221
  2. Marriage Bond of Thomas Harrison and Mary Kennon [S0096]
    1. Date: 2 Feb 1768


    1. Jannoe, Elizabeth
      1. Kennon, William
        1. Kennon, Mary