Almond, Wilbur Linwood

Birth Name Almond, Wilbur Linwood [1a]
Gramps ID I1490
Gender male
Age at Death 70 years, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3341] 24 Apr 1911   Birth of Wilbur Linwood Almond

Death [E3342] 22 May 1981   Death of Wilbur Linwood Almond



Father Almond, Charles Miller [I0541]
Mother Parkerson, Grace Hope [I1489]
  1. Whitehurst, Virginia A [I1492]
  2. Almond, Charles Miller Jr. [I1493]
  3. Almond, Robert Soron [I1495]
  4. Almond, Mary Frances [I1491]
  5. Almond, [Living] [I1494]
  6. Almond, [Living] [I1496]

Source References

  1. Kimberly Culpepper Dezern’s Research [S0097]
    1. Date: 11 Jul 2009
      Confidence: Low


  1. Almond, Charles Miller
    1. Parkerson, Grace Hope
      1. Almond, Wilbur Linwood
      2. Whitehurst, Virginia A
      3. Almond, Charles Miller Jr.
      4. Almond, Robert Soron
      5. Almond, Mary Frances
      6. Almond, [Living]
      7. Almond, [Living]