Thornhill, Thomas Tanner

Birth Name Thornhill, Thomas Tanner
Gramps ID I0252
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 6 months, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0664] 13 Aug 1785 Buckingham County, Virginia, USA Birth of Thomas Tanner Thornhill

Death [E0665] 1 Mar 1847   Death of Thomas Tanner Thornhill



Father Thornhill, Jesse [I0249]
Mother Stevens, Elizabeth [I0250]
  1. Thornhill, Susannah [I0253]
  2. Thornhill, Elizabeth [I0230]
  3. Thornhill, Jemima [I0254]
  4. Thornhill, Lucy [I0255]
  5. Thornhill, William T [I0256]
  6. Thornhill, Samuel [I0257]
  7. Thornhill, Joshua [I0258]
  8. Thornhill, Jesse Jr [I100233077132]
  9. Thornhill, John [I0260]
  10. Thornhill, Polly [I0261]


Married Wife Patteson, Agnes [I1309]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2761]     Marriage of Thomas Tanner Thornhill and Agnes Patteson


Source References

  1. Thornhill Genealogy [S0044]
    1. Date: 1941
      Page: A-2
      Confidence: Low


  1. Thornhill, Jesse
    1. Stevens, Elizabeth
      1. Thornhill, Thomas Tanner
        1. Patteson, Agnes
      2. Thornhill, Susannah
      3. Thornhill, Elizabeth
      4. Thornhill, Jemima
      5. Thornhill, Lucy
      6. Thornhill, William T
      7. Thornhill, Samuel
      8. Thornhill, Joshua
      9. Thornhill, Jesse Jr
      10. Thornhill, John
      11. Thornhill, Polly