Wilkerson, Mary Fannie

Birth Name Wilkerson, Mary Fannie
Gramps ID I0379
Gender female
Age at Death 0 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0784] 1877 Caswell County, North Carolina, USA Birth of Mary Fannie Wilkerson

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Death [E0785] 1877   Death of Mary Fannie Wilkerson

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Burial [E0786] after 1877 Anderson-Harrison-Slade-Wilkerson Family Cemetery, Purley, Caswell, North Carolina, USA Burial of Mary Fannie Wilkerson

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Father Wilkerson, Wesley Waitt [I0095]
Mother Harrison, Fannie Alice [I3338245558]
  1. Wilkerson, Annie Lou [I0429]
  2. Wilkerson, Willie Wesley [I0378]
  3. Wilkerson, Maggie [I0538]
  4. Wilkerson, Emma Wingate [I0377]
  5. Wilkerson, Lealia A [I0537]


Source References

  1. Anderson/Harrison/Slade/Wilkerson Cemetery Project [S0004]
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      Mary Fannie Wilkerson - 1887 - 1887

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      Mary Fannie Wilkerson - 1887 - 1887

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      Mary Fannie Wilkerson - 1887 - 1887

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      Confidence: Low
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      2.5 Wesley Waitt (or Stephen Wesley Waitt) Wilkerson, son of Stephen Wilkerson and Mary E. Bradsaw or Bradsher, was born 5 Oct 1848 in Person Co., North Carolina. He died 4 Mar 1916 in Granville Co. North Carolina. Wesley Wait Wilkerson married 1 Jun 1876 in Dan River twp., Caswell Co., North Carolina, Fannie Alice Harrison, daughter of Samuel S. Harrison and Louisa Matilda McDaniel. Fannie Alice Harrison was born 27 Dec 1852 in Purley, Caswell Co., North Carolina. She died 2 May 1892. She was buried at Harrison Family Cemetary, Blanch, Caswell Co., North Carolina.
      1. Mary Fannie Wilkerson, born 1877 in Caswell Co., North
      Carolina, died as an infant the same year, 1877.
      2. Annie Lou Wilkerson, born 7 Nov 1878 in Person Co., North Carolina - 3.2
      3. Willie Wilkerson, born Mar 1880 in Person Co., North Carolina, died 1896.
      4. Maggie Wilkerson, who married Bill Ferrel.
      5. Lelia Wilkerson, born 15 Feb (1890?) - 3.14
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  1. Wilkerson, Wesley Waitt
    1. Harrison, Fannie Alice
      1. Wilkerson, Annie Lou
      2. Wilkerson, Mary Fannie
      3. Wilkerson, Willie Wesley
      4. Wilkerson, Maggie
      5. Wilkerson, Emma Wingate
      6. Wilkerson, Lealia A