Stutz, Thomas McVetty

Birth Name Stutz, Thomas McVetty
Gramps ID I0715
Gender male
Age at Death 10 years, 10 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1678] 3 Oct 1983 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA Birth of Thomas McVetty Stutz

[1a] [2a] [3a] [4a]
Residence [E1972] 1988 Ohio, USA Social Security Number Issued

Death [E1679] 3 Aug 1994 Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA Death of Thomas McVetty Stutz

Time: 15:30

Age: 10

Certificate: 061502

Census Tract: 6990

Primary Registration District: 2501

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Burial [E1680] after 3 Aug 1994 Hebron Baptist Church, Stonewall, Appomattox, Virginia, USA Burial of Thomas McVetty Stutz



Father Stutz, [Living] [I0714]
Mother McVetty, [Living] [I0713]



Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources
Race White

Social Security Number 288-88-8069

[3a] [4a]

Source References

  1. Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery Survey [S0037]
    1. Date: 27 Dec 2008
  2. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Date: 14 Apr 2009
      Confidence: Very Low
  3. Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 [S0032]
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    2. Page: Certificate: 061502; Volume: 29919
      Source text:

      Name: Thomas McVetty Stutz
      Birth Date: 3 Oct 1983
      Birth City: Columbus
      Birth County: Franklin
      Birth State: Ohio
      Birth Country: United States

      Gender: Male
      Race: White
      Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino)

      Death Date: 3 Aug 1994
      Death Time: 3:30 PM
      Hospital of Death: Childrens Hospital
      City of Death: Columbus
      County of Death: Franklin
      Certificate: 061502
      Age at Death: 10
      Hospital Status: Hospital/Inpatient

      Social Security Number: 288-88-8069
      Mother's Maiden Name: McVetty
      Marital Status: Never Married
      Education: 5
      Industry of Decedent: Own Home/At Home
      Occupation of Decedent: Student

      Census Tract: 6990
      Primary Registration District: 2501

  4. Social Security Death Index [S0031]
    1. Page: Number: 288-88-8069;Issue State: Ohio;Issue Date: 1988


  1. Stutz, [Living]
    1. McVetty, [Living]
      1. Stutz, Thomas McVetty