Elliott, Eleanor Long

Birth Name Elliott, Eleanor Long [1a]
Gramps ID I0518
Gender female
Age at Death 39 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1128] 1649 New Kent County, Virginia, USA Birth of Elinor Long Elliott

Death [E1129] 1688 Essex County, Virginia, USA Death of Elinor Long Elliott



Unknown Partner Harrison, Andrew [I0517]
  1. Harrison, William Sr. [I0509]

Source References

  1. Harrison Genealogy Repository Index of Persons [S0030]
    1. Date: 20 Oct 2001
      Page: I1022
      Confidence: Low
      Source text:


      There is some conflict on the surname of Eleanor (Elliot/Ellit/Elliott or Long) but all sources seem to agree on the children.,,,

      Rick Harrison shares his view on Elinor:

      "Our records acknowledge that Eleanor's name may have been Elliot, but our researcher said it was customary for guardians of orphans to be chosen from among relatives -- usually aunts, uncles if there were no older brothers or

      sisters. Our researcher theorized that Eleanor may have been a Battaile or a sister to Elizabeth Battaile's mother, who was Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Major Lawrence Smith of early Virginia. Both John Battaile, and Lawrence Smith were some of the most influential men of Virginia."

      From the Essex County Records , pages 38-39.


      original pages 6-8. Will of Samuell Ellitts of the Parish of St. Anns in the County of Exxex, being very sick and weake in body, dated 20 Feb. 1717.

      Unto my eldest son Richd. Ellitts one hundred acres of land at the upper end of tract of land lying in St. Maries Parrish. And by largest gunn, my pistolls and holsters, and my rideing horse and one chest and two peuter bassons and one iron pott.

      Unto my daughter Elizabeth Ellitts one hundred and seventy acres of land adjoining my son Richard's land in St. Maries parrish.

      Unto my two sonns Richard and Caleb each a feather bedd and furniture and all my weaveing instruments to be equally divided between them.

      Unto my daughter Mary Ellitts one flock bed and furniture and two puter bassons.

      Unto my daughter Sarah Ellitts two puter dishes.

      Unto my daughter Elener Ellits two puter bassons.

      Unto my loveing wife Elizabeth all the rest of my estate.

      My loveing wife Elizabeth executrix.

      Samll. Ellitts

      Wit: Tho. Ramsey, Jno Vawter, Elizabeth (F) Tucker

      18 March 1717. Presented in Court by Elizabeth Ellitts. Proved by John Vawter and Thomas Ramsey.

      Page 41. original pages 23-25 Saml. Ellits. Inventory. 29 March 1717 (1718), Made pursuant to order of 18 March 1717 (1718). Appraisers sworn before Capt. Leo. Tarant. Total valuation L 105.11.1

      Signed by Elizabeth (E) Elletts. Tho. Ramsay

      Ralph Rowzee

      John Andrews

      17 July 1718. Returned.

  2. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Confidence: Very Low


    1. Elliott, Eleanor Long
      1. Harrison, Andrew
        1. Harrison, William Sr.