Taylor, Joseph Zackary

Birth Name Taylor, Joseph Zackary
Gramps ID I1048
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2347] 1726 Saint Julian Creek, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA Birth of Joseph Zackary Taylor

Death [E2348] 1808 Warren County, Kentucky, USA Death of Joseph Zackary Taylor



Father Taylor, Zachary [I0656]
Mother Lee, Elizabeth [I1046]
  1. Taylor, Robert [I1047]
  2. Taylor, William [I1049]
  3. Taylor, Elizabeth [I1050]
  4. Taylor, Zachary [I1051]
  5. Taylor, Charles [I1052]
  6. Taylor, Hancock [I1053]
  7. Taylor, Richard [I1054]
  8. Taylor, Thomas [I1055]
  9. Taylor, William [I1056]
  10. Taylor, Phyllis [I1057]

Source References

  1. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Confidence: Very Low


  1. Taylor, Zachary
    1. Lee, Elizabeth
      1. Taylor, Robert
      2. Taylor, Joseph Zackary
      3. Taylor, William
      4. Taylor, Elizabeth
      5. Taylor, Zachary
      6. Taylor, Charles
      7. Taylor, Hancock
      8. Taylor, Richard
      9. Taylor, Thomas
      10. Taylor, William
      11. Taylor, Phyllis