Barrell, Stuart Hall

Birth Name Barrell, Stuart Hall [1a] [2a] [3a]
Gramps ID I0354
Gender male
Age at Death 91 years, 9 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0891] 10 Oct 1914 Buckingham County, Virginia, USA Birth of Stuart Hall Barrell

[1a] [2a]
Death [E0892] 31 Jul 2006 Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia, USA Death of Stuart Hall Barrell

[1b] [2a] [4a]
Burial [E0893] after 31 Jul 2006 Hebron Baptist Church, Stonewall, Appomattox, Virginia, USA Burial of Stuart Hall Barrell



Father Barrell, [Living] [I1434]
Mother , [Living] [I1435]


Married Wife Davidson, Mary Virginia [I0089]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E3131] 21 Jun 1941   Marriage of Stuart Hall Barrell and Mary Virginia Davidson

[2a] [4a] [3a]
  1. Barrell, [Living] [I1436]
  2. Barrell, [Living] [I1438]


  1. Stuart Hall
  2. Burial of Stuart Hall Barrell
  3. Mary Virginia

Source References

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    1. Confidence: Very Low
  3. The History of Appomattox, Virginia [S0110]
    1. Date: 1948
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      Source text:

      DAVIDSON, J. OSBORNE, 1882, Married Annie Thornhill, died 1925
      Father: Thomas Osborne Davidson Mother: Emma Stratton
      Children: Eleanor, 1914, Married Curtis T. Roach of Surry
      Katherine, 1916, Married Charles N. Judy of West Va.
      Elizabeth, 1917, Married John L. Harrison
      Mary Virginia, 1918, Married Stuart H. Barrell
      Twins (Thomas O., 1921
      (Annie T., 1921
      Lily Bibb, 1925, Married Leighton Haley of Norfolk

  4. Barrell, Mary Davidson; Obituary [S0105]
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  1. Barrell, [Living]
    1. , [Living]
      1. Barrell, Stuart Hall
        1. Davidson, Mary Virginia
          1. Barrell, [Living]
          2. Barrell, [Living]