Harrison, Agnes R

Birth Name Harrison, Agnes R [1] [2a]
Gramps ID I0407
Gender female
Age at Death 22 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0162] 1816 North Carolina, USA Birth of Agnes R. Harrison

Death [E0727] 1838   Death of Agnes R. Harrison



Father Harrison, John Pendleton [I0398]
Mother Satterwhite, Margaret Catherine [I0402]
  1. Harrison, Samuel Satterwhite [I0397]
  2. Harrison, Henry Pendleton [I0418]
  3. Harrison, William Edwin [I0419]


Attribute/ Type Value Notes Sources


Source References

  1. 1880 US Federal Census [S1001]
  2. Caswell County Cousins [S0084]
    1. Date: 1975
      Page: 14
      Source text:

      H3.1 John ("Jack") Pendleton Harrison, son of Thomas Harrison
      and Jean or Mary Pendleton, was born about 1778 in Caswell
      Co. North Carolina. He died there in 1849. John Pendleton
      Harrison married 3 Jan 1807 in Roxboro,, Person Co., North
      Carolina, Margaret or Peggy Satterwhite, daughter of Thomas
      Satterwhite and Annie Keeling. Margaret or Peggy Satterwhite
      was born about 1780 (age 70 in 1850) in Granville Co., North
      Carolina. John Pendleton Harrison lived at Providence, a
      settlement between Yanceyville, N. C., and Danville, Virginia.
      1. Agnes Harrison - H4.1
      2. Samuel Smith or Samuel Satterwhite Harrison, born 2
      Jun 1818 in Caswell Co., North Carolina - 1.1
      3. Henry P. Harrison, born 28 Sep 1820 in Caswell Co.,
      North Carolina - H4.2
      4. William E. (probably Edwin) Harrison, born about 1824
      (age 26 in 1850) in Caswell Co., North Carolina.
      (Reference #'s:  1, 38, 240, 241, 243, 244, 246, 247, 261, 263, 265, 269,
      271, 283.)


  1. Harrison, John Pendleton
    1. Satterwhite, Margaret Catherine
      1. Harrison, Agnes R
      2. Harrison, Samuel Satterwhite
      3. Harrison, Henry Pendleton
      4. Harrison, William Edwin