Newman, Lula May

Birth Name Newman, Lula May
Gramps ID I0457
Gender female
Age at Death 78 years, 10 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0944] 31 Dec 1887 Bedford County, Virginia, USA Birth of Lula May Newman

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Census [E1576] 1900 Otter Hill, Bedford, Virginia, USA 1900 Census, Otter, Bedford, Virginia; Roll: T623_1701 Page: 23B; Enumeration District: 13

State: Virginia

County: Bedford

Township: Otter District

Enumeration Date: 28 Jun 1900

Enumerator: George E Teass

Supervisor's District: 280

Enumeration District: 13

Sheet: 23B

Dwelling: 334

Family: 334

Relationship: Daughter

Race: White

Sex: Female

Birthdate: Dec 1887

Age: 12

Marital status: Single

Birthplace: Virginia

Father's Birthplace: Virginia

Mother's Birthplace: Virginia

Death [E0945] 27 Nov 1966 Sweetwater, Monroe, Tennessee, USA Death of Lula May Newman



Father Newman, William Henry [I0448]
Mother Overstreet, Eugenia Clay [I0449]
  1. Newman, Theron Clay [I0458]
  2. Newman, Piercy Calahill [I0445]
  3. Newman, Amy Julia [I0459]
  4. Newman, Mary Pollard [I0461]
  5. Newman, Gracie Eugunia [I0462]
  6. Newman, Robert Colea [I0463]
  7. Newman, Ruby Claudine [I0546]
  8. Newman, William Crawford [I0548]
  9. Newman, Warren Edgar [I0549]
  10. Newman, [Living] [I0547]


Married Husband Wood, Leon Arnold [I1185]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2633] 8 Dec 1909   Marriage of Leon Arnold Wood and Lula Mae Newman


Source References

  1. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Confidence: Very Low
  2. 1900 US Federal Census [S0036]
    1. Date: 28 Jun 1900
      Page: Otter, Bedford, Virginia; Roll: T623_1701 Page: 23B; Enumeration District: 13.
  3. Newman Family Card Scrapbook Page [S0083]


  1. Newman, William Henry
    1. Overstreet, Eugenia Clay
      1. Newman, Lula May
        1. Wood, Leon Arnold
      2. Newman, Theron Clay
      3. Newman, Piercy Calahill
      4. Newman, Amy Julia
      5. Newman, Mary Pollard
      6. Newman, Gracie Eugunia
      7. Newman, Robert Colea
      8. Newman, Ruby Claudine
      9. Newman, William Crawford
      10. Newman, Warren Edgar
      11. Newman, [Living]