Slade, Mary Elizabeth

Birth Name Slade, Mary Elizabeth
Married Name Hodges [1a]
Gramps ID I1537
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 6 months, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3430] 20 Feb 1888 Blanche, Caswell, North Carolina, USA Birth of Mary Elizabeth Slade

Residence [E3419] 12 Sep 1922 Yanceyville, Caswell, North Carolina, USA Living in Yanceyville, NC

Death [E3431] 14 Sep 1979 Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina, USA Death of Mary Elizabeth Slade



Father Slade, John Wesley [I0415]
Mother Hodges, Alice Susan [I1527]
  1. Slade, Ada [I1544]
  2. Slade, William Thomas [I1529]
  3. Slade, Emma L [I1545]
  4. Slade, Florine O'Briant [I1531]
  5. Slade, Sadie [I1546]
  6. Slade, Alice Cleveland [I1535]
  7. Slade, Irvin Hodges [I1542]
  8. Slade, Harry Clay [I1543]
  9. Slade, Kemper Stuart [I1539]
  10. Slade, Lillian Moore [I1540]
  11. Slade, Marshall Norman [I1547]
  12. Slade, Lucy Tabor [I1548]
  13. Slade, Virginia Carol [I1532]
  14. Slade, John Townes [I1530]


Married Husband Hodges, J F [I1538]

Source References

  1. Caswell County Family Tree [S0024]
    1. Date: 29 May 2010
      Page: I05242
      Source text:

      The following appeared in the 12 September 1922 edition of The Bee newspaper (Danville, VA):

      John W. Slade Died Yesterday

      John Wesley Slade, for many years a prominent figure in the affairs of Caswell County and recently an esteemed citizen of Danville passed quitely out of this life yesterday at 12:45 p.m. at his home on South Main Street. He had been in ill health for more than a year and was confined to his bed most of the time for the past ten months. A great sufferer, he endured patiently and uncomplainingly his long illness.

      Mr. Slade, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Tabor Slade, was born at Purley, N.C., Feb. 11, 1848. All of his life except the last three years he spent in his native county. He acquired a large tract of land and was a progressive and successful farmer. He was also the servant of his county in many ways and gave freely of his time and energies to promote her interests.

      Early in life he affiliated with Purley Methodist Church and was during his residence in Caswell an active worker in his church. After moving to Danville he and his family identified themselves with Mount Vernon Church.

      On Dec. 18, 1874, Mr. Slade married Miss Alice Hodges, daughter of the late Wm. H. Hodges of Caswell. For nearly a half century the couple shared each other's losses and achievements and made for their children a home known to friends and neighbors for its kindness and gracious hospitality. The widow and the following children survive and deeply lament the passing of this good man: W. T. Slade, J. T. Slade, Mrs. Florine Foster and Mrs. Harry E. Jones, all of Danville; Mrs. T. J. Henderson and Mrs. J. F. Hodges of Yanceyville; Kemper Slade of Richmond, Va.; Mrs. S. J. Woods of Haskell, N.J.; I H. Slade and H. C. Slade, of Blanch, N.C.

      The funeral services will be held from the residence this afternoon at 4 o'clock by the Rev. J. Callaway Robertson, pastor of Mount Vernon Church. The body will be taken to Purley Church and laid away in the family lot at that place.

      Marriage 1 Alice Susan Hodges b: 18 NOV 1856 in Caswell County, North Carolina

      * Married: 25 OCT 1874
      * Note: Note that the obituary of John Wesley Slade that appeared in the 13 September 1922 edition of The Bee newspaper (Danville, Virginia) gave the marriage date as 18 December 1874.

  2. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Date: 1 Jun 2010
      Confidence: Very Low


  1. Slade, John Wesley
    1. Hodges, Alice Susan
      1. Slade, Ada
      2. Slade, William Thomas
      3. Slade, Emma L
      4. Slade, Florine O'Briant
      5. Slade, Sadie
      6. Slade, Alice Cleveland
      7. Slade, Mary Elizabeth
        1. Hodges, J F
      8. Slade, Irvin Hodges
      9. Slade, Harry Clay
      10. Slade, Kemper Stuart
      11. Slade, Lillian Moore
      12. Slade, Marshall Norman
      13. Slade, Lucy Tabor
      14. Slade, Virginia Carol
      15. Slade, John Townes