Wilkerson, Mary E

Birth Name Wilkerson, Mary E
Gramps ID I0779
Gender female
Age at Death 21 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1779] 1833   Birth of Mary E Wilkerson

Death [E1780] 1854   Death of Mary E Wilkerson



Father Wilkerson, Stephen [I0108]
Mother Bradsher, Mary E [I0109]
  1. Wilkerson, Margaret [I0777]
  2. Wilkerson, James Monroe [I0778]
  3. Wilkerson, Fannie [I0780]
  4. Wilkerson, Bettie [I0781]
  5. Wilkerson, William [I1481]
  6. Wilkerson, Josiah L [I0782]
  7. Wilkerson, Wesley Waitt [I0095]

Source References

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    1. Date: 31 Mar 2009


  1. Wilkerson, Stephen
    1. Bradsher, Mary E
      1. Wilkerson, Margaret
      2. Wilkerson, Mary E
      3. Wilkerson, James Monroe
      4. Wilkerson, Fannie
      5. Wilkerson, Bettie
      6. Wilkerson, William
      7. Wilkerson, Josiah L
      8. Wilkerson, Wesley Waitt