Carson, Catherine Elizabeth

Birth Name Carson, Catherine Elizabeth [1a]
Call Name Kate [1a]
Gramps ID I1089
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 7 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2445] 6 Nov 1895 Appomattox County, Virginia, USA Birth of Catherine Elizabeth Carson

[1a] [2a]
Death [E2446] 19 Jun 1980   Death of Catherine Elizabeth Carson



Father Carson, Carey Egbert [I1087]
Mother Chick, Irene Elizabeth [I1088]
  1. Carson, Annie Lillian [I1090]
  2. Carson, Elsie Madison [I0348]
  3. Carson, Mary Irene [I1092]
  4. Carson, Lina Davidson [I1093]
  5. Carson, Myrtle Carey [I1094]
  6. Carson, Eugene Watson [I1095]
  7. Carson, Carey Egbert [I1096]


Unknown Partner Christian, Thomas Luther [I1131]

Source References

  1. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Confidence: Very Low
  2. Thornhill Genealogy [S0044]
    1. Date: 1940
      Page: A-15


  1. Carson, Carey Egbert
    1. Chick, Irene Elizabeth
      1. Carson, Catherine Elizabeth
        1. Christian, Thomas Luther
      2. Carson, Annie Lillian
      3. Carson, Elsie Madison
      4. Carson, Mary Irene
      5. Carson, Lina Davidson
      6. Carson, Myrtle Carey
      7. Carson, Eugene Watson
      8. Carson, Carey Egbert