Walker, Peter

Birth Name Walker, Peter
Gramps ID I1339
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Property [E2796] 16 May 1774 Albemarle County, Virginia, USA Inherited 40 acres on forks of the Byrd from his father



Father Walker, David [I0331]
Mother Munford, Mary [I0332]
  1. Walker, Elizabeth [I0330]
  2. Walker, John [I1338]
  3. Walker, Joel [I1340]
  4. Walker, Mary [I1341]
  5. Walker, Judith [I1344]
  6. Walker, Ann [I1346]
  7. Walker, H [I1348]

Source References

  1. Valentine Papers [S0090]
    1. Page: Vol. 3, P. 367
      Confidence: Low
      Source text:

      David Walker, Sr. , of Goochland County , will of; body to be decently interred in my own burying place and a sermon to be preached at my funeral by the minister of this parish whoever he may be; grand daughter Susanna Woodson £20; son John Walker , £20 allowed to him in part payment of a negro fellow he got from me, valued at £50, the other £30 Ballance he is to account for to my executors as part of my estate; son Peter Walker £20 besides wh. he has already got, also 40 a. on forks of the Byrd in Albermarle Co. son Joel Walker £15 together with the lands & plantation where I now live, and in case of his dying without heirs of his own body the same to be sold and ye price of it equally divided among my children & their heirs; daughter Elizabeth Thornhill £13 besides wt. she has got already; daughter Mary Perkins £5 more than wt. she has got already and also to her son Walker Perkins £15; daughter Judith Poor £20 allowed to her out of £30 already paid to her husband, Ro. Poor in consideration of what trouble he may be at as one of my executors; daughter Ann Sterns £5 besides what she has got already; daughter H- Lancaster £5 besides what she has got already; son Peter Walker £2 besides what is appointed for him above in consideration of being one of my executors; after above mentioned legacies are paid off, wife Mary Walker to have one third part of remainder of estate by way of loan during her life and at her decease sd. third part to be equally divide among all my children and their heirs; after sd. wife has received her third the other two thirds to be immediately divided among all my children & their heirs; in case any controversy shall arise among my relations concerning division of estate that in order to prevent law suits each of the contending parties shall choose a man to whom as arbitrators the matter shall be referred for final decision; son Peter Walker & son-in-law Robert Poor executors. Witnesses; Will Douglass , Richard Oglisby , Elisha Leak . Dated Feb. 15, 1773 . Proved May 16, 1774 . Vol. 10, p. 435.


  1. Walker, David
    1. Munford, Mary
      1. Walker, Elizabeth
      2. Walker, John
      3. Walker, Peter
      4. Walker, Joel
      5. Walker, Mary
      6. Walker, Judith
      7. Walker, Ann
      8. Walker, H