Payne, Walter

Birth Name Payne, Walter
Gramps ID I0969
Gender male
Age at Death 22 years, 1 month, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E2877] 15 Nov 1762 New Garden, Guilford, North Carolina, USA Birth of Walter Payne

Death [E2878] 1785 Lost City, Hardy, West Virginia, USA Death of Walter Payne



Father Payne, John [I0680]
Mother Cole, Mary W [I0681]
  1. Payne, William Temple [I0972]
  2. Payne, Dolley [I0678]
  3. Payne, Mary Coles [I0973]
  4. Payne, Lucy [I0974]
  5. Payne, John Coles [I0975]

Source References

  1. Ancestry Family Trees [S3703188182]
    1. Date: 4 May 2009


  1. Payne, John
    1. Cole, Mary W
      1. Payne, Walter
      2. Payne, William Temple
      3. Payne, Dolley
      4. Payne, Mary Coles
      5. Payne, Lucy
      6. Payne, John Coles